The Municipal Public Security Bureau held the Spring Festival security maintenance and stability summary scheduling meeting

On February 7, the Municipal Public Security Bureau held a meeting on security and stability maintenance during the Spring Festival. Li Jinqiang, deputy mayor, party secretary and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, presided over the meeting and made a speech.At the meeting, Zhang Hong, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, conveyed to the whole police the spirit of learning from the instructions of Yin Hong, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, on the road traffic safety work in response to extreme weather. Li Jinqiang comprehensively summarized the achievements of the security and stability maintenance work during the 2022 Spring Festival holiday, and urged all the auxiliary police to stick to their posts during the festival.She xiaojia for everyone’s selfless dedication and fighting cold, snow, risk prevention professionalism to express gratitude and sympathy.Li Jinqiang pointed out that in the face of the “three new one high” work requirements and special and heavy work tasks this year, the Municipal Bureau party committee to take extraordinary work measures, high intensity intensive deployment, layer upon layer conduction of work pressure, level by level work responsibility, the whole process of supervision and inspection, the whole police up and down the tree firmly “a game of chess” thought,With a strong mission and high morale to successfully complete the Spring Festival security and stability tasks, the city’s public security team to test the ability to perform their duties, show a pragmatic style of work and good police image, the Municipal Party committee and the government fully affirmed, won the people’s widespread praise.Li called for the year 2022 to be a year of special significance in the history of the development of the Party and the country.The city’s public security organs should quickly accept their position, adjust their working conditions, with the attitude of “the beginning is a decisive battle, turn around and grasp the implementation”, every minute counts, work hard, and forge ahead towards the goal of “leading in Longdong and first-class in the province”.To closely around the party’s 20 victory held to create a safe and stable social environment this theme of the main line, to serve to ensure the city’s economic and social catch-up development strategic focus and public security work into the province’s first-class phalanks of the target task, identify the work of the main points and main contradictions, overall planning to promote, key breakthroughs.At the same time to restrict the long-term development of the public security work of the system and mechanism and security issues, to take out the “will not easy, things do not take refuge” momentum, bold exploration, innovation, with The Times, and strive to work deeper, more detailed and more comprehensive.We should firmly establish the concept of unity to combat effectiveness, leading cadres should fully carry forward the role of leading, leading and scientific work, team members should strengthen communication and cooperation, complement each other, help each other, and form a good working atmosphere of mutual help.Discipline to be chi always pays special attention to the team and the attitude construction, the main tone of “strict” to hold on for a long time, strictly implement the style of the cultivation of clean government responsibility and “a pair of responsibilities”, resolutely play an iron hand sternly jing, is the wind against ji long, focus on consolidating party history study education and education team consolidation results, is the comprehensive party strictly tube sternly jing to push deeper,We will strive to forge the “three absolute” and “four iron” public security forces, and take concrete actions to welcome the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress.City bureau at home party committee team members, police technology level two director, bureau organs all police auxiliary police in the main venue to attend the meeting, each county bureau leading team members and all civilian auxiliary police in the venue to attend the meeting.The meeting opened to the county-level public security organs in the form of video.

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