Ministry of Education: it is strictly prohibited to collect information about parents’ position and income

People’s Daily Beijing, April 5 (reporter Ding Yatong) The General Office of the Ministry of Education recently issued a notice on further doing a good job in the recruitment of ordinary primary and secondary school enrollment work, the recruitment of primary and secondary school enrollment work to make deployment.According to the circular, local governments should improve the registration system for compulsory education, and further standardize the collection of registration information in accordance with the principle of not providing materials or collecting information when necessary.Unnecessary proof materials such as pre-school education experience, family planning certificates, and proof of being older than normal school age will be eliminated.It is strictly forbidden to collect information about parents’ positions and income, and it is forbidden to use various apps and small programs to collect information about students at will.According to the circular, local governments should set up a scientific and reasonable demarcation area, establish a survey system for school-age children of the permanent population in compulsory education, and scientifically demarcation the area for each compulsory education school in accordance with the target requirements of “school enrollment by division and nearby enrollment.”In places where educational resources are relatively balanced, the gradual implementation of single-school zoning is encouraged to reasonably stabilize enrollment expectations.In areas where educational resources are not balanced, multi-school zoning shall be actively and steadily promoted, and hot schools shall be divided into corresponding districts to promote a general balance of high-quality educational resources within the districts.Source: People’s Daily online

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